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For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. 
Live as children of light." Ephesians 5:8


This page will provide you with the monthly news throughout the entire year of kindergarten. Please remember to check back weekly for updates. 

Just a reminder that school begins at 8:10. You are allowed to drop off your child at the classroom anytime after 7:55. If you come earlier, your child should not be left unattended and if needed, should be brought to before school care where you will incur a charge. The safety of your child is paramount and as teachers we are often in meetings, devotions or preparing for the day and we are not in our classrooms until 7:55. Please do not drop off and expect their will be supervision provided. We want your child to be warm and safe so please check the room before you leave the campus. THANK YOU!

Put it on the Calendar:  

January 20: No school for MLK holiday
January 27: 100 Day -- projects are due the 24th 
February 12:  No school (Farm Show Day)
February 17:  No School (Presidents' Day)
February 21:  No School for Kindergarten only (Assessment day for incoming kindergarten class)
March 19: Zoofari Program in the MMC (1:30 tentative start time)
March 20: Zoo trip to the Fresno Zoo (all parents are invited and encouraged to attend.)



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Put three clues on the outside of the bag that help describe what is inside.

January  2020

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