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What's Happening?

December 2019
Language Arts:

There are 12 SuperKids that the children will be introduced to as the year goes on. Our current letter of study has been the vowel Ee.  The kids are enjoying learning about Ettabetta.  Ettabetta likes to work on games and puzzles with friends.  We will discuss ways to make working together a good experience.  We will also learn to write the upper and lowercase Ee, as well as learn the short sound for "e" as in elf.  The students will listen for the "e" sound in the beginning and middle of words and learn to substitute letter sounds to change words such as log to leg and slid to sled.  You will see more work coming home where the kids are putting words together to make sentences. You might even see more phonetic (temporary) spelling coming home as well. The kids are all eager to put their new knowledge to action. Enjoy this exciting time of learning! By the end of the week we will begin our study of  the letter Hh (Hot Rod).  Stay tuned as we will learn more about this new Superkid.  

Sight Words we should know:

yellow   blue

red green

purple  brown

white  black

a   is  the   I

Letters we should know:

Oo, Cc, Gg, Aa, Dd, Ss, Ll, Ii, Tt, Ff, Ee, Hh

Phonics Websites:


Memory Verse:

No new memory verse due to our week of testing!

Unit 7 is all about teen numbers and representing numbers 11-19. We will be showing the kids how to make these numbers starting with 10, and will use 10-frames to model how these numbers are made. Attention will be given to number formation as well. We will be working on this unit until we let out for Christmas break.

Science/Social Studies:

  In December we will take a break from Science. There is so much we want to do to prepare for Christmas, that we will do more with Social Studies this month.

Weekly Enrichment:

1. Be reviewing your 2nd quarter study guide in preparation for our 1st semester assessment.

2. Begin to practice writing your last name.

3. Practice counting by 5's and 2's. How high can you count by 1's?

4. Write A, O, C, G, D, S , L, I , T, F on cards and write a, o, c, g, d, s, l, i, t, f on cards and practice matching them up.

5. Practice writing #11-19